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oakland. chp officers are now out there on the streets. ktvu channel 2 morning news continues. good morning, to you. welcome to a brand new day it's a friday, november 2nd i'm dave clark. >> and i'm pam cook. thank you for joining us this morning. steve paulson says it's going to be a very nice weekend. >> it will be. >> okay. >> it will be. if you get through today. what is that? i did have a coat on this morning. when i left it was cold. well, you know. we're soft. we're soft out here sometimes compared to those in the midwest. it was cool this morning with 40s. we have higher clouds to the north and patchy fog. overall mostly sunny and partly cloudy. 60s to low 70s. here is sal. we have breaking news. there is a structure fire. it is a fore plex in san
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rafael. very close to 101 and 580. this just came in. it looks like there is still smoke coming up from this building here. the address is 12 woodland in san rafael. again it's close to the freeway. and the fire department is on the scene. we're not sure if anyone has been injured but we do know that there is still smoke coming up from this area. we'll let you know more about this. this is highway 4 westbound you can see traffic is a little busier on the way to bay point. at 6:01 fairfield police searching for a man and woman caught on tape stealing mail in a neighborhood. ktvu claudine wong is here live to tell us what the neighbors are doing to catch the suspects. >> reporter: we are standing in front of the wood lake neighborhood in fairfield. you can see behind me it's a quiet residential community. a lot of these folks here are armed with surveillance cameras and when their mail started disappearing late last week, they dubbed it operation mail
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thief. it was their effort to stop the thefts. here's what we saw. you can see in this video a man and woman driving up to mailboxes and basically taking out the mail and taking it with them. the residents say they were pretty upset by what they saw. >> grabs the mail, jumps back in the car. the car starts moving before he is back in. very obvious something is not right there. >> reporter: again all this happened late last week when the residents said they needed to do something about it. they have a neighborhood watch program. one man said he was just going to organize things and try to do what he could to stop it. the man and woman have not been identified. police are looking for them now. the video wasn't clear enough to get a license plate but it has got an lot of attention and it's on the internet and people taking a look at it now. in the meantime police have issued a statement just saying they are looking for the people responsible that anyone with any information is asked to
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give them a call. get your outgoing mail out of your residential neighborhood personal boxes get them into a big blue box or take them down to the post office. if you go away for any time, just put a hold on your mail. time now 6:02. san francisco police meantime searching for a bicyclist who they say brutally beat a muni station agents at the vane is ss station. police released this surveillance video from october 10th. the suspect is seen carrying hawaii bike down the platform where bikes are not allowed. the station agent followed him that is when the suspect suddenly attacked him. the suspect described as a white man between 25 and 30 years old. about six feet tall. 180 pounds. that station agent suffered very serious injuries. he is out of the hospital now but still has not been able to go back to work. in overnight news a san jose man is lucky to be alive
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thanks to his dog. who helped save him from his burning home. the fire happened on ivy creek circle just before 9:00 last night. crew says the dog kept barking waking up the man who then took three of his dogs and ran from the house. one of his dogs was not able to get out and died in the fire. firefighters are trying to find out what caused that fire. october jobs report just released about 30 minutes ago and it is sure to dominate the presidential race today. the report showed 1 # 1,000 job $-- 171,000 jobs were added last month. coming up at 6:15 the political spin both president obama and mitt romney are likely to put on those numbers. happening now walmart holding a grand reopening at its store in richmond. but the retail giant is facing resis tense from some of its worker -- resistance from some
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of its workers. brian flores is at the store this morning. brian. >> reporter: hi, pam. good morning. we are here at the richmond a walmart. it's about 6:00 and the doors just opened. there is a couple things going on. the first thing you mentioned is the grand reopening of the particular store. the store has been here for years but they just completed a remodel of it. there is supposed to be a ceremony sometime this morning. there are already protestors out here. some of the workers say they are taking a stand against walmart calling for an end to harassment and retaliation. some walmart employees are planning a sit in inside the store. they are holding up signs also calling for walmart to change. we will be speaking with one of the employees coming up in the next 30 minutes. we are live here in richmond i'm brian flores.
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workers at rayly's super market will keep working until tomorrow. if that happens it would be the first strike in the company's history. your time is 6:05. chp officers are joining oakland police in patrolling parts of oakland. last night about 7:30 almost a dozen chp officers headed out to hit the streets of oakland. it was ordered by governor jerry brown after a prominent religious leader begged for help. >> it's devastating to the families. if we can get some help around public safety and bringing semblance of safety to our city, i think it would go a long way. >> chp isn't saying where their officers will patrol or how many days this assignment will last but partnerships in the past have lasted as long as 90 days. san francisco police will
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increase their presence in the mission district after a reng v the extra officers will patrol problem areas near the 16th street and 24th street bart stations. there is been four homicides there in the past two weeks. cities also giving an extra $30,000 to a gang prevention program. right now it's 6:06. i want to check in with sal. you were looking in on that fire. you can see it from the freeway i guess in san rafael. >> on woodland avenue that is right. it's next to anderson drive. in that industrial area. there are some apartments there and it looks like one of them at least caught fire this morning. san rafael fire we watched them. we got on the scene and saw smoke. but we couldn't see anymore smoke. that is what the flashing lights are about. this structure fire here is not impacting anderson drive which is the main street there and not impacting interstate 580 or 101. let's take a look at westbound bay bridge the toll plaza here
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you can see the traffic is not that bad. as it looks pretty good getting into san francisco. a little bit of a delay there. northbound 280 getting up to highway 17 that traffic is moving along very nicely here. let's go to steve. thank you. a very happy friday. we have a lot of high clouds kind of moving in more toward the north bay. that is where they will mainly reside. now the fog by-product of the recent rain. the nights are getting longer. temps are getting warmer. overnight temperature dips to 45. those two come together we get that fog. of course the wind has to be calm as well. that is where we are seeing santa rosa and livermore. 489 seems very popular. san jose is in there. antioch, concord, and fairfield. about 15 degrees cooler than what we saw 24-36 hours ago.
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higher clouds to the north from santa rosa. winds up. you can see a lot of those. it will be a mostly cloudy day to the north. this system is falling apart. a lot of holes in this system. a lot of holes. that doesn't mean it will give us a mostly cloud eye day. however high pressure will come in. clouds some sun. more sun to the south. a mixed bag between. 60s to very low 70s. livermore will be in there. morgan hill. 68 san jose. san mateo at 66. santa cruz 68 degrees. higher clouds will take us into saturday and then they are out of here. turn your clocks back one hour on sunday. it will be sunny and warmer. very warm on monday. possible record highs. time now 6:09. do you remember the meteors that flew over the bay area a couple weeks ago? there is one area imparticular where people keep fighting meteorite fragments. a new lawsuit has been filed against pg&e why the family says the utility company did not do enough to save their loved ones. >> it was about ten feet deep
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the first responders believe and she lost both children. >> heartbreak by a family in new york. calls for help that went unanswered.
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when i see that our schools are 47th in spending per student, i just can't accept that. our schools shouldn't be 47th in anything. proposition 38 bypasses sacramento, and makes education a real priority-
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with the funding, to our local schools and the accountability from our local schools... that we'll need to improve student learning in every classroom. so we can stay 47th... or we can choose proposition 38. i'm voting yes on 38... because it makes our children #1. time now 6:12. new coverage of the east coast super storm sandy. searchers have found the bodies of two boys swept out of their mother's arms on monday. now the family lost electricity at their home so the mother
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tried to drive to a relative's house. but her car was soon trapped by the raging waters. well they got out of the car, she started banging on doors but no one would help. that is when she lost hold of her two and four-year-old sons. >> it's a horrible story. you can't imagine a grief a parent would feel having the loss of their children. >> the mother survived. she was clinging to a post on a porch. the big storm has killed at least 37 people in the new york still area. all along the east coast 4.5 million homes and businesses still have no power this morning. and that is making the crisis even worse at the gas pumps. the outages forced a lot of gas stations to close while it's also disrupting the flow of fuel from refineries to the gas station that are open and the wait of some of the gas stations two hours long. right now it looks like wall street is responding
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favorably to this mornings monthly jobs report for october. releasted just 45 minutes ago. alison burns is in our washington, d.c. newsroom with the numbers and how they could certainly impact the presidential race just four days before election day. alison. >> reporter: and pam, it doesn't look like either candidate is going to get much new ammunition from this latest jobs report. let's take a look at the numbers. the labor department is reporting this morning the economy added 171,000 jobs last month. that is more than economists were predicting. the unemployment rate however picks up to 7.9% from 7.8% the month before. both presidential candidates will be putting their spin on the news coming up in the coming hours. arguing the recovery is not strong enough. president obama will likely tout the stronger than expected hiring numbers. it doesn't seem like these changes are significant enough
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at this point to be a game changer in the race. house speaker john tweeted mayb president obama can do. both capped dates will be cam -- candidates will be campaigning today in the make or break swing state of ohio. reporting live alison burns ktvu channel 2 news. a new ktvu field poll shows a dramatic shift in how californians say they will vote on proposition 34. the proposed repeal of the state's death penalty. it shows a sudden rise in support for proposition 34. 45% of likely voters say they will vote yes. 38% say they will vote no. 17% of voters remain undecided on that proposition. now prop 34 would eliminate the death penalty in california and replace it with life in prison without the possibility of parole. supporters of prop 34 says keeping hundreds of inmates on death row costs the state millions of dollars every year. they also point to the cases
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where people convicted of murder were later found to be innocent. opponents of prop 34 call ate slap in the face to the family of murder victims. >> hey. what are you doing right now? >> i just came from voting. >> coming up at 6:45 how a group of bay area students are trying to encourage young people to take an interest in the upcoming election. time now 6:16. a new lawsuit is claiming a san mateo man is dead because pg&e was too slow to respond to turn off the power. the power lines fell down on to 55-year-old enrique's house back in april. records showing tello walked outside after hearing an explosion then he was electrocuted by the power lines. pg&e is calling his death a tragic accident. memorials are being planned for the two pilots killed in contra costa county in a plane crash last month. services for larry sobel be held a week from dead.
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david beanie will be honored during a memorial at a private airport. preliminary investigation found the planes suddenly went off course and then started spinning before it crashed to the ground. a total of four meteorites have been found in novato all from last months fire ball. ago ology student this -- a geology student found this one in his backyard. time now 6:17. let's get you out the door. sal still is watching among other things that fire along san rafael. >> yeah. it's on anderson which is a big street. fire department still there and we are seeing it here. you can see that the fire department has put out the fire. we earlier we saw that the smoke was rising but it looks
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like that has been taken care of. we'll let you know more about that. let's go to the bay bridge toll plaza. it's getting busier now. the metering lights have been turned on. no major problems. it's backed up almost to the 880 overcrossing. and 101 and 280 looking good. 6:17 let's go to steve. thank you, sir. very good morning. happy friday. much, much cooler this morning. a lot of 40s showing up. some patchy fog. associated with a weak system. it looked pretty good yesterday. it's running into too much resis tense and falling -- resistance and falling apart. but again the jet stream is not favorablen it's staying to the north. we are having a hard time trying to bring this system to do much more than give us higher clouds. also patchy fog. i mean we really under clear skies calm conditions that would be ideal. that is really not what we have. there is a few areas popping up. it's a dry forecast. today and tomorrow unless you
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are really far north. increasing higher clouds today into saturday morning. 43 bookends. a lot of upper 40s here. temperatures that were near 60 just about 24 hours ago. higher clouds a look again starting to filter over the north bay. especially sonoma county. otherwise clouds, some sun, more sun to the south. more clouds to the north. chilly morning lows give way to mild afternoon highs. 60s to very low 70s. but then everything points in the direction of sunshine and warmer weather. might have to deal with a few high clouds saturday. turn the clocks back one hour. and get out and enjoy the sunny and above normal temps. looks good for election day. rain, cold into next week. southwest airlines is spreading its wings. starting in april it will make trips to puerto rico. there will be four daily flights. to mark the occasion southwest is offering a special $99 one way fare for tickets bought by tuesday. that deal runs through may.
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but again tickets have to be purchased by tuesday. home depot hopes to help people get in the holiday spirit a bit early. customers can trade in their old strings of christmas lights even if they don't work anymore and they will receive a coupon good for up to $5 toward the purchase of new energy i spirit led lights. that deal is good from now until november 14th. time now 6:20. california woman getting a shock of her life months after she bought a lottery ticket. what she is saying about $23 million. plus bay area beaches disappearing. the new info just released about what may be causing it. don't forget you can wake up with ktvu every morning get the mornings top stories that develop while you were asleep sent straight to your cell phone every weekday morning 6:00 a.m.. get your ktvu morning wakeup call by texting the word wakeup to 70123.
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new study out claiming the long praties. may actually be hurting the coast for years sand has been removed from the bay to be used for construction. there is a new study claiming this may be causing erosion.
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especially long the great highway. now the permits for two sand mining companies are being reexamed. two men who tried to break into a house in piedmont is on the loose. it happened last friday on st. james drive. police are telling the contra costa times -- the suspects escaped in a dark sedan. it had a license plate with numbers zero, nine, and six. they may have been able to break into that same house before. time now 6:24. students at uc berkeley be holding a rally today that is against a controversial city measuring on next tuesday's ballot. it's measure s. it would ban people from sitting on sidewalks in commercial areas between 7:00 in the morning and 10:00 at night. supporters argue it would clean up the streets. critics say it would criminalize the oklahomaless. the rally today begins at 1:00
6:25 am
at sprawl plaza. students in san jose state university are pushing to get more young people to vote in tuesday's election. last night they held a get out the vote event for demographic that is traditionally not that interested in politics. students stood outside trying to get others to come in and get excited about voting. >> voting this year was very important to me. i was excited. i sent in my ballot and i'm excited for the whole election day. >> the public policy institute of california says 19% of people under the age of 25 are likely voters. that is compared to 74% of those 65 and older. work starts today on a new super market in east oakland. foods koa will break ground on a new store at foothill square on mccarthur boulevard on mills college. that entire shopping center is
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being overhauled. foods co will be the anchor store. it will hire about 100 new employees and open up next summer. today we will find out more about a woman from palm dale who unknowingly sat on a winning lottery ticket for months. time was running out to claim claim a $23 million jackpot so the lottery released this surveillance picture hoping somebody would recognize this mystery woman. well it worked. her daughter saw that picture at a newspaper and showed it to mom. it turns out the ticket from a drawing back in may was in her car the whole time. lottery spokesman said she never checked to see if she was a winner. time 6:26. sal, do we have a winning commute? >> i think we do. for the most part. starting off in the south bay with northbound 280 you can see the traffic three looks pretty good. and beyond that all the way up into the west valley. if you're driving from hayward to fremont it is a nice looking
6:27 am
drive there and no problems on the san mateo or the dumbarton bridge. let's go to steve. all right, sal. on this friday we have partly cloudy skies to the north. little bit of patchy fog. definitely chilly. a lot of 40s showing up. a lot of these higher clouds drift apart today and tomorrow. highs today held in check a little bit. 60s and low 70s. there is a big warmup coming up. time now 6:27. we have developing news coming out of marin county. news chopper 2 just arrived in san rafael two minutes ago. these are the pictures we're getting in. firefighters working on a fire at an apartment complex. we are live in san francisco where police have released surveillance of a man brutally attacking a muni agent. plus the opening bell just about to ring on wall street. pam has your early stock numbers. help prevent with lysol disinfectant spray. and use the lysol no touch hand soap
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for 10 times more protection with each wash. this season, a good offense is the best defense. lysol. mission for health.
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welcome back to the ktvu channel 2 morning news. they are getting ready to ring that opening bell in new york this morning. the salvation army over there on the nasdaq. of course there in new york certainly doing a lot of good and help after the big storm sandy rolling through there. over on the new york stock exchange might recognize that nice grayish color rh. dave i know your wife dragged you into restoration hardware. they are going public today. they are based in court madder a. in ma rain county. it used to be a publicly traded company and then taken to private. now going public again. pretty high end funnishings but the ipo priced at $24 a share. the other some of its competitors williams sonoma familiar here in the bay area as well they have gone up as people can't afford to buy a new house they are remodeling.
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>> interesting. we'll smile and say good morning, to you. thank you for joining us here. ktvu channel 2 morning news. it's a friday, november 2nd i'm dave clark. >> and i'm pam cook. time is 6:30. we have developing news coming in from san rafael. i want to show you live pictures. this is live. new chopper 2 flying over an apartment complex in san rafael. this is woodland drive where a fire a cowed this morning. this is near highway 101 and interstate 280. a lot of activity down there. we don't see any flames but a lot of activity. we have not heard yet of any injuries. we haven't heard yet of how the fire started. but again this is breaking news from san rafael. an apartment complex that caught fire a little while ago and we are over it. we'll bring you more details as the information comes in. also this morning san francisco police are looking for a mania caused of -- acaused of assaulting a muni
6:32 am
station agent. tara. >> reporter: the attack happened here at a station underneath us on market and vaness. the date was october 10th. it was at 7:40 p.m.. that is important to remember because it may jar somebody's memory out there. you can see the guy walking down the stairs here. he's a bicyclist and wanted to ride even though muni says no bicycles are allowed. he the muni agent ran after him and suddenly the man turned around and began punching and kicking the agent. now that agent is 55 years old. he suffered serious injuries and hasn't been able to return to work. >> this station agent was providing information to this customer that he could not bring his bike into a train. and he was just doing his job and was severely beaten for that. that should never happen. >> we work with the police department to put this video out there was to get any information from someone who may have seen this incident or
6:33 am
seen this person or sees this person every day. it's very important anyone who has information pass this on to the police department. >> reporter: now the suspect is described as a white man between 25 and 30 years old. six feet tall and 180 pounds. it looks like he has a mohawk hair style. if you recognize call police. this all happened october 10th at 7:40 at night. he was last seen here at the corner of vaness and market street. i'm tara moriarty ktvu channel 2 news. time now 6:33. a new ad will hit the internet today. one that targets san francisco supervisor chris tee that. that ad was recorded by avery madison. you may recall madison first told the police about the new years eve fight between sheriff mirkarimi and his wife. in the ad madison says she thought that reporting mirkarimi would help protect
6:34 am
women. but says the system did not work. madison is urging voters to oppose aolague because olague voted to give mirkarimi his job back. it may be six weeks to get information on a bone fragment that may help in the missing case of a girl. makayla went missing back in 1988. a three inch bone believed to have belonged to her was found in a well. that fragment was sent to a lab in arizona to be tested prop but officials say there was some kind of holdup. on november 19th a memorial is planned at the market where makayla was kidnapped 24 years ago. new this morning forecasters are now predicting another storm will pound the east coast next week. the nor'easter could hit right around election day while it won't be as powerful as sandy it could dump snow in new
6:35 am
england and new york and bring rain to the mid atlantic states. damage from sandy now estimated at $50 billion. take a look. here's a live picture. this is southern new jersey shore which of course has been very hard hit. this is being called the second costliest storm in u.s. history behind katrina. again we are looking live at the new jersey shore near the town of margate. coming upwell have a live report from n and hear from the victim on sandy and how they hope to put their lives back together. meanwhile more aid from california is headed to the east coast. southern california utility company is sending about 70 trucks and 120 employees to help restore the power in that area. two cargo planes filled with supplies and bay area personnel left from travis air force base yesterday. our time 6:35. sewage spill is a lot larger than first thought.
6:36 am
it was first reported along woodside drive tuesday evening and it was repaired late tear night. they first thought 2,000 gallons spill now their new estimates say it was actually 88,000 gallons. now the cause of the spill that is still being investigated. the agency is working with marin county and the town top find out how much sewage entered storm drains. boat owners are being warned watch out for suspicious activity following a series of boat thefts. six boats were stolen last month around dutch slew road, sound mound boulevard and sound mound slew. here's a picture of a boat that the thieves stole last sunday. authorities have reportedly recovered two boats but they say the engines are missing. boat owners are being urged to make sure they secure expensive equipment and also write down their serial numbers.
6:37 am
6:36 is the time. let's check back in with sal. any problems out there, sal? >> not really. we are wrapping up this fire in san rafael, pam on woodland drive. woodland avenue. you can see san rafael fire department is on the scene here. it looks like the fire is out, but of course there are displaced resident there is and quite a bit of firefighters here. but there are no major -- quite a few firefighters here. there are no major problems on anderson drive which which is the big street nearby. let's move along to the bay bridge toll plaza. northbound that traffic is backed up for a 10-15 minute wait wait. no major problem there is. the traffic is looking good on the bridge. san mateo and dumbarton bridge looking good as you drive over to the south bay. northbound 101 traffic also looks nice. let's go to steve. sal, thank you. we have some higher clouds to the north but mainly it's pretty cold out there. just heard from quasi the half- moon airport is cold.
6:38 am
partly sunny and cloudy. more clouds to the north and more sun to the south. from this system that is literally falling apart. it has a lot of breaks in it. overall though we have to add a little couple areas of patchy fog. i mean it's not ideal conditions. some of that visibility is a quarter mile or less. once that burns off it's a dry forecast. increasing high clouds. some of the lows again are almost all in the 40s now. including 46 san rafael and redwood city and another couple 43. higher clouds again kind of looking like they want to take aim toward the north bay than anywhere else as this system lifts up it will fall apart. coming behind that there is shy pressure. so a lot of high and mid level clouds. some sun. brisk morning lows. 60s on the temps or very, very low 70s. but we will start a warmup as
6:39 am
we go into the weekend. again some of the higher clouds drift over saturday morning and then they are out of here. sunday turn the clocks back one hour. possible record highs monday. a cold rain by the end of next week. all right steve, thank you. time now 6:38. happening right now a small group of people are lined up in palo alto right outside of an apple store. they are waiting to buy the new ipad mini which goes on sale today. ktvu janine de la vega is there. you can tell us how the apple employees are getting ready for this. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, dave. we've been here all morning. they used to have a black curtain so you couldn't see inside the store. they took that down in the last 30 minutes. now you see the apple employees until the blue t-shirts. they have been playing around with the new ipad mini. they were in boxes. they just got opened up this morning they really have been trying to play around with them and familiarize themselves with
6:40 am
them. now as far as the group of people waiting out here, we took a count just in the last ten minutes and i counted you know about 30 people waiting in line. of course, they are all waiting for the doors to open to get their hands on this new product. some people have been waiting out here since 2:00 a.m.. they brought their lawn chairs and their apple products to keep them busy. analysts are anticipating a lukewarm response of the mini. it is priced higher than the competitors. but apple fans don't seem to care because of their loyalty. >> i have a macbook air and macbook pro but they all fit their different needs. i have a lot of devices. obviously there are ones we use more often. >> reporter: why an ipad mini? >> i just want to check it out. >> reporter: the basic ipad mini is priced add $329 -- at
6:41 am
$329 for the wi-fi version and $459 for the cellular model. they did say they do have extra staff working today to handle the crowd. and in the last half hour they also handed out cards to each of the people in line because right now people are only limited to buying two of them at the time. and again the doors open here at 8:00 a.m.. so just a couple of more hours before people can get their hands on one of these products. reporting live from palo alto janine de la vega ktvu channel 2 news. >> should we have her pick us up a couple? [ laughter ] controversy over the world famous new york city marathon. why the mayor believes it must be run this sunday even though the city struggles to recover from sandy. twist in an east bay sex abuse lawsuit.
6:42 am
the surprising response from the defendants. good morning, ons richmond bridge traffic is moving along -- on the richmond bridge traffic is moving along nicely.
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6:44 am
we are mostly fair skies today. a few high clouds. same for sad saturday.
6:45 am
a big uniform one. it will be sunny and warm we'll carry that into monday. >> welcome back. good morning, to you. here's a quick look at some of the top stories we are following for you right now at 6:44. the october jobs report came out. the economy added 171,000 jobs last month. the unemployment rate ticked up to 7.9%. it was 7.8% in september. also we're live this morning these are live pictures of a group of walmart workers protesting in richmond. this is from hill top mall road. the signs out there is a grand reopening is scheduled today. the protestors accuse walmart of ignoring complaints of employee discrimination and harassment. police in fair field searching for a man and woman caught on tape stealing mail. they believe the suspects were looking for cash, gift cards or trying to steal someone's
6:46 am
identity. the moraga school district file -- current uc berkeley swim coach is sue the district and three former administrators for failing to protect her from being molested by two middle schoolteachers in the 1990s. the times reports the districts first legal response claims she was careless and negligent and responsible for the abuse. there is more fallout from super storm sandy. some new yorkers are angry at mayor michael bloomberg for allowing the new york city marathon to go on as scheduled. the event will take up valuable resources such as police officers and paramedics. bloomberg said the city needs to move forward and electricity should return to many parts of the city this weekend. he adds the race will bring in $340 million to new york. recovery efforts are continuing all across the east coast. while they there are some signs
6:47 am
of progress, it is little comfort for the thousands of people that have lost their homes. reporter jennifer davis joins us now along one of the hardest hit areas ocean city, new jersey. good morning, again jennifer. >> reporter: good morning, pam. sandy left an appropriately named calling card here mounds and mounds of sand. there is 18-inches that spilled the roadway here for blocks and blocks as far as the eye can see. front loaders, city crews are out trying to clear the streets. they were at it yesterday, back at it today. they are making enormous piles here. this is call considered contaminated. so they can't put it back on the beach. they are loading it up into dump trucks and taking it to the end of the street where it's creating a mountain of sand. but even for the dump trucks it can be tough going. we saw one get stuck in here earlier this morning and you can tell why. look. it creates a ledge here as the front loader moves through because there is so much sand. they say this happened because the dune systems failed early
6:48 am
monday morning and once it did it was a nonstop onslaught for the rest of the day. this isn't their only problem here in ocean city. of course there is damage to homes and businesses nearly every business is closed today. you have to really drive around to find one that is open. there are still a number of power outages, schools are closed, so a lot of work still to be done here. across the state the big problem today and yesterday of course is gasoline. it is hard to find. they say 60% of the gas stations in this state either don't have power or they don't have gas. so there have been reports of people pulling guns, fistfights on all manner of things as tempers flair as people try to get gas for their car and generator. >> we knew this morning there is a nor'easter heading that way. i would imagine are a lot of people staying out of the area and not coming back quite yet? >> reporter: no, i mean they are not. most people we have seen are out here. there is so much work to do. there are a lot of crews out
6:49 am
here. there is great concern. a number of residents have come up to us and say what have you heard about the storm? when is it kinggoing to come? they are certainly watching with a watch l eye. >> jennifer davis, thank you for that update from ocean city, new jersey. time now 6:48 new video we just got this into our newsroom. new fire in san francisco. you see the pictures here the fire damaged an apartment building in the richmond district. coming up at 7:03 on mornings on 2 we'll tell you why this could have been a lot worse. meantime if you live or work in dublin you may be hearing explosions. later today at the santa rita jail. they are conducting training exercises. they will use explosives. they will be doing it between 10:00 this morning and 1:00 this afternoon. 6:49 is the time right now. sal is keeping an eye on traffic. how is the friday morning commute? >> you know a lot of people are happy it's friday.
6:50 am
let's take a look from news chopper 2 at the toll plaza. i want to check it out for you. news chopper 2 has it for you there. this is usually a different view we have here. news chopper 2 showing us a live picture of the toll plaza here. it is backed up. there is the toll plaza there the metering lights that will keep you from getting on to the bridge too fast. and then there is usually a little bottleneck here getting on to the span. so if you are driving into san francisco it's kind of a normal friday. nothing major. and certainly nothing on the bridge. let's move along to 880 north and southbound. maybe i was exaggerating a little bit. the traffic is moving along a little bit on 880 north and southbound here. and if you are driving in san jose it's a nice looking drive. no problem there is. and 101 is going to be a little slow. now to steve. >> thank you, sal. a happy friday.
6:51 am
we do have cold conditions. outer sunset 46. 43 with fog up at napa airport. it will be a roller coaster ride between now and next friday. we'll have a nice weekend. a lot of high clouds today. chilly lows. but warming up. mostly sunny. by sunday there will be higher clouds. monday, tuesday maybe record setting temperatures on the high side with some low 80s. yet by thursday and friday very rainy and cold. so we're going to go from one extreme to the other. today we have too dole with a lot of -- we have to deal with a lot of high clouds. but it will give us a lot of high and mid level clouds. some of the fog is popping up. this is at the tooly fog after you get the inland fog radiation. due point is the key. once their temperature hits 43
6:52 am
then you get the fog. but there is not a lot of it. there is only patches of it. 40s for many. or very low 50s. a lot of high clouds in the north bay. that is where they are going to be after that. as you go south of san francisco it will be mostly fair. the clouds be with us until saturday morning and then they are out of here. clouds and some sun. chilly morning lows. that will carry into saturday as well. sunshine and warmer weather for you speed readers. they are about the same. high clouds saturday. sunny and warm to very warm monday and tuesday. >> thank you, steve. this morning chevron reported its net income fell 33%. san ramon energy company blames lower oil and gas prices. and production slow down because of planned maintenance and hurricane in the gulf of mexico hurt its bottom line. chevron says it earned $5.25
6:53 am
billion. yesterday exxon mobile reported profits fell 7% there. the 2012 world series champion giants can't rest on their laurels. that is according to sports marketers. they must continue to atrack fans to the ballpark. and capitalize on the brand. they tell the san francisco business times the giants there to avoid the appearance of price gouging. keep season ticketholders happy and remain humble. >> i don't worry about them with that. 6:53. boy a bold luxury theft. what thieves stole and why they only wanted one thing. don't forget you can get ktvu news to go download our ktvu app click the live icon.
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6:55 am
6:56 am
welcome back to the ktvu channel 2 morning news. live look at the big board. dow jones up a little bit. mostly favorable response to the jobs report. we could see more gains. analyst says the little bump the in the unemployment rate may be because more people are starting to look. restoration hardware stock up significantly. $11,000 worth of bras were stolen from a victoria's secret store in palo alto. more than 180 bras were stolen
6:57 am
on halloween. they were stolen from the drawers beneath the display case and the store was packed with customers that day so workers did not notice mis. a crack down on rowdy people -- last year of big fights were caught on camera, walnut creek formed a special downtown police team to get things under control. now staff shortages and budget cut backs was forcing those officers to go back to regular patrols. last weekend about 18 people were arrested but a lot of residents say they are not too concerned. the oakland raiders have been granted an extension. hoping to sell more tickets to prevent a tv blackout this sunday. this is second straight home game that the raiders have needed an extension. the raiders will be playing the buccaneers. they are coming off of two straight wins. if the game is declared a sellout, you will be able to see it right here ktvu channel 2. right now it's coming up on 7:00.
6:58 am
we want to check back in with sal for traffic. >> happy friday to you both. let's go outside and take a look at what we have now. toll plaza was backed up almost to the foot of the maze and the metering lights are on. quickly we look at the san jose northbound 101 is getting busier. northbound 87 is okay as you get up to san jose. now go to steve. we do have pretty cool readings for some. some patchy fog. higher clouds move into the north. overall mostly fair and mostly sunny. we have a pretty good warmup on the weekend. coming up on mornings on 2 mail thieves were caught on tape in one neighborhood. how this video me lead to an arrest. we are watching wall street's reaction to the latest unemployment report.
6:59 am

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